Hilarious Video from Flight of the Conchords

It's Business Time

Happy Wednesday everyone. My husband just forwarded this video to me and it deserves its own blog post.  I laughed the whole way through.  After being married for a few years, is this how you and your husband discuss having sex?  It strikes a very similar resemblance to conversations in my home.  Seriously, it’s a [Read On]

Dirty Old Mommy Has Beiber Fever!

Justin Bieber Boyfriend Video

Would you think I was a Dirty Old Mommy if I had major Beiber Fever?  Seriously ladies, this kid is adorable. To all the tweens out there, I get it.  Selena, I get it.  CLICK HERE  to see his latest music video “If I Was Your Boyfriend”. pss– I have an AMAZING Etsy giveaway coming [Read On]

Hey Yoga Girl…

Hey Yoga Girl


This is freaken hilarious! Although I’m not a yoga girl myself (the heavy breathing next to lots of sweaty/smelly people freaks me out and I’m terrible at holding poses), I saw this video and it put a smile on my face. So, this is a “HOLLA” out to all my yoga girls out there! (I promise, even if you don’t do yoga, you will love this video too.)

Love it!

Silicon Valley Mommy

Walk Off The Earth – Sexy New Band


(By new, I mean new to me.  They’ve actually been around for awhile.  And by sexy, I mean…. well, you know.) Have you ever seen FIVE musicians play an amazing song, all playing at the same time on ONE guitar?  I hadn’t, until I saw this video on You Tube by a band called Walk [Read On]