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For many of you, summer is already here!  For me, it’s coming in two weeks.  So excited!!  Some people dread summer because the kids are home every day, but my kids are old enough now that they can pretty much entertain themselves.   If you aren’t there yet, stop having babies and you will get there — I promise!  Summer for me means long, warm, lazy days and not having to wake up early to drive the kids to school.  It means not stressing about packing lunches, doing homework and making sure uniforms are always clean.  It means ice-cold lemonade/ice teas and swimming in the pool. Heaven!

But with freedom and nice weather also comes COMMITMENTS!  Loads of playdates, kids camps, swim meets, birthday parties, weddings, trips away, baby showers and endless stuff on the calendar.  I’m usually busier in the summer time than any other time of year (besides Christmas).  Sound familiar?

I don’t usually promote products on my blog, but today I’m promoting an awesome Organizer/Planner/Calendar  because it’s one of my FAVORITE THINGS!  Seriously, I freaken LOVE this planner.  The company that makes these planners did not contact me, I contacted them and asked if I could promote them!  I’m not sure how I found this one, but I stumbled upon it years ago in a store and never looked back.  I am loyal to this planner/organizer like my kids are loyal to their blankies.  I have used this planner for about 8 or 9 years now.  I have converted many people from other planners AND even from their “electronic” planners.  I love this planner so much, it has become part of my religion.  Seriously.

Before I show you the planner, I want to give you a list of the top 10 reasons why I love it

1) It fits in my purse perfectly & goes with my everywhere.

2) The price is right.  It’s only $16.95.

3) The calendar runs from AUGUST TO AUGUST.  I love starting a new calendar with the summer and with a new school year.  Makes WAY MORE SENSE for us mom’s with kids.  However, if you MUST have a January – January calendar, they’ve got these too.

4) Plans change all the time!  I can quickly write my plans in pencil and easily erase when things change.  No pulling out my electronics, logging on, etc.  I like the quick and easy with pencil and paper.

5) There is a nice (thick & clear) little insert that takes you exactly to the right week in your planner.  You move this every week to always know right where you are.

6) Every day has a calendar from 8:00am – 5:00pm, so you can see your whole day.  There’s also a space for “earlier” and “later”.  I can get all my daily plans in here, AND plans for my two kids.  There is plenty of room and I can see everything by the hour.  If you aren’t sold yet, keep reading.

7) There’s a great little space to add people’s birthdays, anniversaries or special dates on every day.

8) There’s also a monthly view and a special notes section for every month!

9) Extras!  There’s  a yearly calendar view, holidays, a financial record page for every month, more notes sections and an address book in the back.  Another x-tra feature I love – there are pocket pages in the back that you can stick things in like receipts, business cards, kids awards, school handouts, etc.

10) Every year, it comes in new fun colors.  (I keep mine every year to reference back if I need to.)



Front Cover (Comes in lots of different pretty colors)


Week Sample (You can see the whole week at one glance.)



Month & Notes Sample



One Of My Sample Pages`

Another Sample Page, a little messy… (You can also see the plastic insert in this picture that clips onto the black rings.)


For some weird reason, I haven’t ever lost one of my planners.  But, if I did, there’s a handy page in the front where you can list your name, phone number, email address, etc.  The finder of this calendar will HAVE to return it to you, because they will see it’s your life.  Oh, and why steal someone else’s calendar??!!

Anyway people, I highly recommend this little gem.  I have REALLY loved it over the years and I know you will also!  If you would like to buy, you can go HERE and find a store near you that sells them. You won’t regret it.  If there aren’t any stores near you that sell them, you can order online by going HERE.

If you’d like to WIN ONE FOR FREE, you can enter to win below.  You can’t win if you don’t enter!  (That’s what I tell myself with lottery tickets!)  I’m giving away the Canary Yellow August to August 2014 – 2015 (also my choice for this year!)  Please pass on this blog post to all of your unorganized or always-late friends.  They might be excited to discover this cool organizer/calendar/planner too!


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  1. Dude, I’m a total organization hound! I love new products! Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity!

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