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Hi Friends!

I’ve been so neglectful of my poor blog lately!  I know you’ve been desperately missing my posts and I’m concerned about how skinny you are all getting.  I have to tell you – I’m shocked and flattered that you take my blog so seriously and that you’ve been so upset (about my lack of posting) that you haven’t been eating.  Well, I’m here to put an end to this madness!  So please, go grab yourself a cupcake & a glass of wine and settle in my loves.

The last few months have been very busy!  Just the normal stuff – kids starting school, scrambling to get ready in the mornings, soccer games, dance practices, birthday parties, working, tae kwon do, keeping my ever-messy house clean, etc. etc.  Blah, blah, blah.  You guys know the drill.  On a more exciting note, I just celebrated my 14-year wedding anniversary.  Sometimes it feels like I’ve been married for forever (plus a few days) and some times it feels like no time has passed at all.  This year, much to my husband’s credit, he did a great job remembering it and actually pre-planned a few surprises to make it special.  Ladies – no –  that was NOT a typo.  I actually just said the word pre-planned.  It’s this very, very complicated & difficult to understand term that most men are seasonally allergic to.  Somehow they can “pre-plan” for presentations and work-related events, but when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, the word just doesn’t make sense to them.  My husband has been allergic to pre-planning on many, many occasions but this year was an exception.  No waiting until the last minute, scrambling to make something (anything) happen.  Nope, he actually prepared a few things ahead of time and was pretty awesome.  See, still after 14 years, you can teach old dogs new tricks.   YES!!

Also, my son just turned 9 years old in September.  WTF?  How he suddenly became 9, I have no idea.  It feels like just yesterday I was holding his nervous little hand and walking him into preschool.  Back then, he cuddled and called me “mommy” or “mama”.  Now, it’s just plain old “mom” and his (forced) cuddles are only the result of some candy-filled or stay-up-late bribe.  Sigh.  Next year he will be in the double digits.  Then before I know it, he’ll have smelly, hairy armpits and then he’ll be off to college and then he’ll get married to some bitchy little daughter in law who hates me and doesn’t want my advise and never wants to come around and hates my cooking!!!!  OK.  Breath in, breathe out.  (Can we all briefly pause and say a little prayer that my DIL is amazing and cool and sees me for what I really am – completely freaken AWESOME!!!)  If you have boys, I will say the same prayer for you.  I promise.  If you have daughters, just rejoice in the fact that someday you will have hunky, strong, ass-kissing sons in laws that will happily have you over and serve you cocktails.

Turning 9 comes with a 9 year old birthday party.  My son had recently seen the movie “Ghostbusters” (thanks to my husband) and decided he wanted a Ghostbusters movie birthday party.  As many of you know, I loooove to plan a good party.  Visions of Ghostbuster cakes and sanctums of slime filled my mind.  Originally, I agreed on the party.  It had been decades (or so it seemed) since I had watched Ghostbusters and I remembered it being a cute movie with a great theme song about a couple guys chasing and catching ghosts.  Funny guys, cute ghosts, not too scary.  Perfect.  But, if I was going to show the movie to a room full of 3rd grade boys, I needed to be sure it was child appropriate.  So, I read a few reviews online.  Well, apparently there’s lots of swearing.  Strike One.  Even more alarming, there’s apparently a scene where Dan Aykroyd gets a blowjob from a blonde ghost.   Strike Two and Three.  You’re OUT!  WTF??  Why don’t I remember that scene???  You don’t actually see “it” happening, but apparently you see the zipper from Dan’s pants being magically pulled down and then you see his head fall back and his eyes roll back.   Hmmmm.  I’m sure as a kid I chalked that all up to him just being “really scared”.  My happy visions of green slime and ghostly party cakes quickly turned into angry visions of furious third grade parents knocking down my front door.  So, I now needed to very slyly change the direction of the party.  Fortunately, my son had also recently started watching the Harry Potter movies (thanks again to my husband).  I’m not sure exactly how I did it, but somehow I convinced my son that a Harry Potter party would be amazingly cool and we could do all kinds of fun “magical spells, tricks and games” instead.  Out with the GB and in with the HP.  Sold!

The party turned out to be really fun, and my son actually told me it was “his favorite party he’s ever had or had ever been to”.  Comments like that just make all my mommy parts feel warm and fuzzy.  I’d love to tell you all about it, but I’m off to go have my own cupcake and glass of wine.




Ps – Stay tuned for my next post (with pics and details) all about our Harry Potter Party!

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  1. Darra Trudell says:

    So cute, Jen! I love how your awesome personality comes through crystal clear in your writing. You really are a great writer! Keep it up. xoxo

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