Work From Home In Style with Stella and Dot — And a Great Giveaway!

Have you ever thought about getting a job where you can work from home?  If you have young kids, fogetaboutit.  Just when you think you have a minute to focus, your kid is hungry or thirsty or neeeeeeeeds you to watch their thirteenth cartwheel.  The show just ended, the popsicle is dripping onto the couch or a bottom needs to be wiped.   BUT… if you have kids in school or at Grandmas, working from home could be an option.  I’ve thought about it.  It sounds dreamy.  I’d love to roll out of bed, make myself a bowl of Lucky Charms, pour some coffee and work in my worn out, but oooh so comfy PJ’s.  No rushing to shower, get out the door, deal with traffic and get a coffee before the first meeting.  No one looking over your shoulder all day.  No strapping on those “work pants”, which are so cute but are also too tight lately so they need to be secretly unbuttoned at your desk.  (Dammit! There just aren’t enough cute clothes with elastic waists!)

From an employer’s standpoint, I get why they want you in the office.  It’s a little word called productivity.  There are distractions and temptations at home that just don’t exist in the office.  However – if you are disciplined, motivated and don’t have kids at home, you really can make it work.

My friend Vickie is a great example of a mommy who found a fun, rewarding work from home job.  As a stylist for Stella and Dot, she’s her own boss, she gets to work with (and wear) gorgeous, fun jewelry and she gets to manage her own schedule.  I first met Vickie when I was invited to a Stella & Dot jewelry party a few years ago.  Full disclosure – I was more excited about drinking wine and having my husband put the kids to bed than I was about the jewelry.  When I walked in though, I was very surprised at how much I liked the jewelry.  (I swear I’m not just saying this to promote Stella and Dot, it’s really honestly true!)  The jewelry was fun, hip, fresh and affordable.  Vickie was the stylist selling the jewelry and she was just so cute, fun and casual about it all.   There was no pressure to buy anything.  She was (of course) wearing all the jewelry she was selling and it made her outfit look so finished and put together.  I seriously neeeeeded everything she had on!  (And a few more pieces, just so I didn’t seem like a complete copycat.)   I left that night spending over $425 and agreeing to have a jewelry party of my own very soon.  Ummm, what just happened??

After only a few years, Vickie is now a Senior Director with Stella and Dot.  She still works from home and still creates her own schedule.  She makes good money.  She’s also a wife and a mommy of three gorgeous boys.  Just give them one quick look and you’ll think, Justin Bieber who??  (I’m still deciding which of the three I’m setting my 7-year-old daughter up with – thoughts?)

I love Vickie’s story about how she got into selling Stella and Dot jewelry and would love to share it with you.  Before the interview though, THREE things!

1) Vickie is offering 10% off and free shipping to ALL of my blog subscribers indefinitely on all Stella and Dot jewelry!  If you see something you seriously need, you can email her directly at for your 10% off and free shipping.  All you have to do is mention Silicon Valley Mommy in your email to her.   (The jewelry is affordable, great for gift giving and comes beautifully wrapped, so keep that in mind!)

2) Vickie has agreed to do occasional Stella and Dot giveaways on my blog, just for you guys.  Woot, Woot!

3) And TODAY, she is giving away this gorgeous bracelet shown below (on the far right)!  Do you feel the love?  You can enter to WIN at the bottom of this post.

The giveaway bracelet is the one on the far right


Here’s the interview –

Me – Hold old are your boys?
Vickie – They are all 2 years apart, my baby Ethan (yes I still call him “the baby”) is 7, Ryan is 9 and Max who is going to enter middle school (I feel very old) is 11.

Me – How long have you been married?
Vickie – I actually had to think…  we just entered the “teen years” 13 years.

Me – How did you get started with Stella and Dot
Vickie – First off, I had NEVER gone to home parties, hosted them or even thought of them.  I thought, yuck, tupperware, no thanks!  Then a friend of mine decided to become a Stella & Dot stylist.  I had never heard of Stella & Dot but knew I had to host a party to support her.  That what friends are for!  So the night of the party, I got the wine and nibbles and my friend came over and started setting up.  I glanced at the jewels and thought ”okay, cute,” but was still apprehensive.  Then, all my friends arrived and the shopping began.  We started playing with the jewels, trying them on and styling each other.  It was so much fun.  At the end of the party she told me I earned $600 in free jewels and my mouth dropped.  Then, she mentioned that she made $750 that night for herself and my mouth dropped even lower.  My first thought was, ”I could buy the pair of boots I wanted AND the Rebecca Taylor top I was obsessed with!”  My second thought was, ”I wonder if I should do this?”  I signed up without thinking any further about it that same night.  That was 3 1/2 years ago!

Me – Why sell jewelry?
Vickie – Initially it was for the extra money and my love of boots, clothes and vanity.  Now that has changed drastically.  I am not only making a significant dent towards my families bottom line, I am also helping other women change their lives with style.  I have built a team of women, some who do this very, very part-time because they love the jewels and others who want to take it up a notch and make it more full-time.  That is my favorite part of the job, helping women!

Me – How much work do you actually (truly) put in weekly?
Vickie – 30 hours.

Me – How much money do you make (take home) monthly?
Vickie – Every month it varies.  What I love about this job is that I can slow down a bit in summer when I am home with my kids.  Some months I make more, some less, but it is always up to me to dial it up or dial it down.  I have stylists on my team that make $500 a month and some that make over $5,000 a month.

Me – What’s the biggest and most exciting splurge you’ve made from your new income?
Vickie – I don’t think I have splurged on one big item, but the best luxury in the world is not to worry about my secret shopping compulsions.  No more paying part cash, part credit so my husband doesn’t catch me.  I feel like I came out of the closet.

Me – What sucks about the job? (Be honest)
Vickie – I would have to say always being “on”.  Sometimes I just don’t want to always be so nice!

Me – Do you think it’s possible for new people to make as much money as you?  You got started so early!
Vickie – Yes!  I am a Senior Director and there is only one other Senior Director between me (Redwood City) and Mexico.  There are a very few stylists in the south peninsula so the potential for growth is crazy.

Me – What’s your most favorite piece of current S&D earrings, ring, bracelet, necklace, accessory?
Vickie – The Rebel Pendant, the Bardot Earrings in gold and the giveaway piece, the Bardot Bracelet in gold.  I am also obsessed with the Waverly 3 Way Bag in Dove, it is amazing.

Me – Not to sound cheesy, but how has this job changed your life?
Vickie – I have met some of my very good friends through this job.  The community itself is worth every minute of hard work.  I have met women that are super inspirational, fun, smart and kind…  they have all impacted my life and made me appreciate how sweet it is.

(Just For Fun)

Me – What’s your favorite TV show?
Vickie – Okay, seriously it is really bad.  Housewives of New Jersey.  Bad, I know, but I also love 20/20 and Greys Anatomy… oh and The View.  One more, I just started Tivo’ing Anderson Cooper, it is good!  I am also watching America’s Got Talent with my kids.

Me – What’s your favorite cocktail?
Vickie – Margarita on a hot day and a good glass of red with dinner (and before, and after).

Me – What’s your worst/funniest habit?
Vickie – Biting my nails.  I just can’t stop!

Me – What’s your dream vacation home spot?
Vickie – On a warm lake (so, not Tahoe) with our boat, 3 boys, our 2 dogs, no makeup, hair in a ponytail and in a bathing suit until the sun goes down.

Me – What’s your biggest vice?
Vickie – Well noted above – reality tv and shopping!

Me – What’s your best mommy tip?
Vickie – Looking them in the eyes when they are talking to you, not being distracted by phone, email… anything, just really listening.  Make sure your face lights up when you see them after school, first thing in the morning, make them feel important and respected.

Me – What’s your worst mommy moment?
Vickie – Getting pulled over by a policeman and getting a ticket for being on the phone, with all 3 boys in the car.  Bad!

Me – What’s “In Your Bag” – (think of US weekly)
Vickie – First off I tend to be a little messy, so there are always grocery receipts floating around and distracting me.  Once those are gone you would find:  Jane Iredale lip gloss in tourmaline (love), a bottle of water, Marc Jacobs wallet and sunglasses, iPhone, Stella & Dot mini-lookbooks, ponytail holders and sunblock for the kids.

Me – What jewelry trend are you loving right now?  (Doesn’t have to be S&D!)
Vickie – Rose gold.  I love our rose gold Rhea Bangles.

Me – What celebrity do you admire for fashion/jewelry?
Vickie – Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View.  She’s very edgy classic.

Thanks, Vickie!  I loved our interview and especially loved your sweet mommy tip!  Let’s get together soon to discuss the “arranged marriage” between my Katie and one of your boys.  Please start giving that some serious thought.



To see the entire Stella & Dot line go to Vickie’s website at  You can contact her directly to get your discount or host a trunk show


OK, enter below to win this fun Bardot Bracelet in Gold!!  Good luck!

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  10. The Pippa Necklace is just my style- love it. I also work from home selling Barefoot Books and give my team members Stella and Dot pieces as a fun keepsake when we meet at our national conference. I have now completed 8 years with this flexible and rewarding job – who knew? Great article and loved the Mommy tip! Thank you!

  11. Vickie B says:

    I am so happy you love the jewels, they are even more amazing in person! I just wanted to let you all know that the Fall line is launching July 6th. Send me your email and I will pop a new lookbook in the mail to you…

  12. Dear SVM, Loved the interview with the Stella and Dot seller. She was darling and I actually love Stella and Dot jewelry!! I have several pieces that I wear all the time. Great interview!

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