10 Tips for Massage Therapists and Estheticians

When I get a massage or a facial, which is 1) NOT ENOUGH and 2) USUALLY WHEN I’M ON VACATION, I want it to be goooood.  Here are some tips for the masseuses and estheticians in the world.  If you follow these tips and give great massages/facials, I guarantee your tips will be awesome!

1)   When you are walking me back to the massage room, please don’t put your hand on my back as we are walking.  I don’t know you.  You are probably just trying to be friendly, but this is just weird.

2)   It really doesn’t take us 5 minutes to hang our robe on the door and get into the bed.  How about if you count slowly to 10 and then come back in to get started?  I am happy for you to spend that extra 4.5 minutes massaging my shoulders or feet.

3)   Please, for the love of God, don’t smoke a cigarette or eat anything with garlic in it before my treatment.  Your stink breath will ruin the entire treatment.  Yes, I can smell it.  You breath should be so minty and yummy that I would consider making out with you.

4)   Don’t be all chatty with me during the treatment.  If I want to be chatty, I’ll start asking you questions.  If I don’t ask questions, pleeeease let me drift off into my happy place.

5)   On that note, I apologize in advance if I start snoring or drooling.

6)   Please.  Don’t try and push your products onto me.  Most of us already have products we like, and don’t want to be harassed about buying your slew of expensive stuff.  Plus, in our minds, we’re already scheming about how we’ll justify the $150 spa charge to our husbands.  Again, if we are interested in the products, we’ll ask.

7)   For masseuses – I like a massage with a good amount of pressure.  Somewhere right in the middle of very hard and medium pressure.  Everyone likes a different amount of pressure though.   Why not ASK about the pressure at the beginning of the treatment, so you can do the right amount of pressure throughout?  Some of us don’t want to hurt your feelings so won’t tell you if your pressure sucks.

8)   Please ask me before you put your oily hands in my hair.  If I have no plans afterward, I loooove a good head massage.  If I don’t have time to shower though, I don’t want oil in my hair!

9)   Please don’t work on me if you are sick.  If you are blowing your nose or coughing, I will just be obsessing about how I’m next.

10)  Everyone adores freebies.  If you throw in a freebie (like an essential oil upgrade or a stronger peel that wasn’t paid for), up, up, up goes your tip.  I will NOT tattle tell on you, I’ll just come back to you again and again.


Did I miss anything?  Leave me a comment below with YOUR facial or massage pet peeves!!  I would love to hear them!


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  1. It sounds like you have been to Burke Williams lately, they’re the only place where the person puts their hand on your back, I always thought that was not necessary too, kinda odd. Love that place though! Thanks for the Memorial Day laugh.

  2. only comment I have is, if someone gives you an upgrade. Like a stronger peel and you have problems, the spa will be responsible. So hopefully Estheticians would not do a peel without knowing your skin.

  3. LoL! Your first mistake would be going to see the ‘Masseuses’ instead of a massage therapist. A massage therapist will ask you how you like your pressure before you even reach your treatment room. Estheticians don’t push their products on you, they’re more than likely educating you on the products they’re using on your face and body so you know the main ingredients in them and how they work for your particular skin type.
    Also, don’t be afraid to tell your massage therapist or esthetician how you like things done to you. You paid for their services…a lot of money…so let them do it right for you the first time so you don’t have to be picky about how They do things their way!

  4. I am a massage therapist, and FYI, after we bring you back we are usually filling out paperwork, or gathering necessary supplies. Also, every spa I have worked at required all employees to recommend products to every guest. Every time a guest purchases a product we recommend, we get a commission. Product sales significantly add to our paycheck, and as you know we rely heavily on tips and commissions.

    P.s. Massage therapists hate being called a Masseuse. We are educated and perform therapeutic massage.

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