A Silicon Valley Mommy’s Wish for Mother’s Day


I don’t know about you, but recently life is feeling TOO BUSY!  My “To Do” list is out of control.  It’s seriously like 5 trillion things long.  I only have time for the “essentials” and the “nice to haves” just don’t get done.  Sound familiar?

As a part-time working mommy (in the mornings) and a part-time taxi driver (for my kids in the afternoons), I am constantly rushed from one thing to the next.  Weekends are filled with sports activities, birthday parties, play dates and the same amount of craziness as the weekdays.  There’s not enough time to exercise, to get the laundry done, to organize my house, to go through the toy closet or update my framed pictures. My legs have been hairy for weeks now because I don’t have time to shave.  My pedicure has been chipped for weeks now because who has time for a mani/pedi?  Don’t even get me started on the gray hairs growing out of my head or the fact that I recently purchased a new camera but still have no idea how to operate it.  Even keeping up with all my reality TV has become a chore.  What is this world coming to??!!

So, this year for Mother’s Day, I’m asking for a magical present.  It would be the BEST present ever.  Here goes – I want to snap my fingers and freeze time for approximately 7 months.  Who’s with me??

During this time, no one would age, so we wouldn’t be missing out on anything and nobody would be missing us.  All of the world would literally freeze (except us) and we’d come back to this exact instant when it’s over.  Only, when we come back, we’d be well rested, totally ORGANIZED, recharged, and re-energized mommies –mind, body and soul.  Here’s how I would break it out for myself –

First, I’ll need one week to catch up on my “beauty” sleep.  Since the world would be frozen, it would be quiet and peaceful.  I’d probably put on some light music or some nature sounds in the background.  There would be no kids running in to say “I’m hungry” or “he threw the ball at my face and didn’t EVEN say sorry!”  My husband wouldn’t be giving me a hard time about “wasting the day away.”  I’d be like a momma bear in hibernation – I would cuddle up with my duvet and not come out for a week.  Heaven.

Next, I’ll need a full two months to get completely in shape.  I would work out for a few hours each day, slowly getting back into it and taking my time.  I’d listen to all my fun music and have dance parties with myself.  Maybe I’d actually look forward to putting on a bathing suit as opposed to dreading it.  Now that’s a wild & crazy thought!

Next, I’ll need another month to completely get my house, my closets, my paperwork, my jewelry, my desk, my kids rooms, their clothes, my garage, etc. totally cleaned out and organized.  I would take a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill, a bunch of stuff to the dump and sell a few things on eBay.  I’d get it all OUT.  O eM G.  Can you even imagine having an entire month to do this without any distractions?  Sigh…

Next, I’ll take another two weeks.  After my house is completely organized, I’d turn to my front and backyard.  I would re-paint my fences and my front door.  I would plant a gorgeous garden in the front and the back & be the envy of all my neighbors.  “Wow, I wish I had a garden that looked just like yours,” they would say.  “Look at all those hummingbirds and butterflies.”  “Thanks,” I would say.  “I just love to garden in all my free time.”

After my garden, I’d take another two months to completely organize my entire picture collection.  I would seriously need this long.  My picture collection (both printed and digital) is an unorganized, chaotic, total hot mess.  It’s a total and complete nightmare on Elm Street.  My kids are 7 and 8.5 and I don’t even have baby albums for them.  I know!!!!  It’s HORRIBLE.  I would organize all my pictures into the “cloud” in nice little albums and I’d scrapbook the CRAP out of them.

I’d take another week to do stuff like the following – learn how to use my new camera, go through all my old emails, clean up my laptop, get rid of clothes I never wear, update my Christmas address list, clean out & wash my car, catch up on all my shows and anything else that needs to be done before…

My final month – Now that I’m completely organized, in shape and caught up with my life, I’d like to go to some beautiful, tropical beach with perfect weather (mid to high 80’s), perfect water temp (low 80’s) and lots of alcoholic beverages pretty seashells to collect.  This place needs to have a path where I can go for long walks, a hammock where I can take mid-day naps and an incredible restaurant with already prepared, perfectly fresh and ripe delicious food.  I’d bring along all the books I’ve been dying to read and catch up on the stack of magazines that have become three ready-to-tip-over towering piles.  I’d sleep, go on long walks, reflect and sit in silence.  I’m SURE I could do this for more than a month, but this would give me just enough time to recharge, appreciate my life again and most importantly… work on my tan.

Pardon me while I drool.

Who’s with me?


Silicon Valley Mommy

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  1. nicoleyontz says:

    Oh Mah Gawd. That’s a great idea. My dream Mother’s Day would be a day where I got to be kid free. Not so much “kid free” but motherly responsibility free. Is that too much to ask? I love the cartoon at the bottom, fits so well. “Happy Mother’s Day! Now what’s for dinner?” Yup, pretty much sums it up. I would love one mothers day where I don’t have to wipe a butt or a dish, dinner would be made and it wouldn’t always be ME making sure the kid isn’t throwing herself off the dining room table. Seriously, Is that too much to ask too? If I can manage to do it all day everyday, the hubs can manage it ONE day. 🙂

  2. darratrudell says:

    Love it, Jen! You read my mind, exactly! I would totally need that amount of time to catch up! So happy you have this blog and are having fun doing it. XOXO 🙂

  3. Courtney says:

    I love this! I feel like you wrote it for me! So glad I’m not the only one with no photo albums of my kids. I am right there with you on all of this!

  4. Sounds dreamy! Where do I sign up??

  5. malibusu says:

    You have described heaven to me! (Except I would pay someone to organize my photos…that chore is too big and gives me hives whenever I think about it.)

  6. Suzanne says:

    So happy to hear I am not alone in the pile of photos that are someday supposed to be beautiful organized scrapbooks! Ryan has one page in his Baby Book, 🙁 poor guy! As I am looking at my own unshaven legs and 8 week old pedi, I hear you girl! Sounds fab! Where do I sign up? Happy Moms Day to a Great Mom!!!

  7. Love this!!!!!! Can I join in please???


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    A Silicon Valley Mommy’s Wish for Mother’s Day

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