Peyton Manning And His Millions

I just read that Peyton Manning just signed a deal with the Denver Broncos.  5 years for $96 million.  Gulp.  Pause.  Gulp.   That means he’s making approximately $19.2 million per year, $1.6 million per month, $369,515 per week, $52,788 per day and $2199 per hour, even when he’s SLEEPING.  Really America?  Really football?  Some people are very happy to make in a YEAR what Peyton makes in a DAY.  Could this be right?  While most of us are struggling to keep our houses, our jobs and food on the table for our kids, Peyton Manning is basking in the glory of a $96 million dollar payout over the next 5 years.   Does his wife really need another pair of Christian Louboutins?  Does anyone really need THAT MUCH money?  And, this is after he sat out all last season for a neck injury – of course.

Apparently there’s no “economic recession” if you play football professionally.  Sure, he’s probably a very nice guy and a great football player and I don’t have any ill feelings towards him personally.  BUT, how can we justify paying “the best” football players more than “the best” cops, teachers, janitors, maids, nurses or elderly care takers out there?  I just don’t get it.  Peyton, I’m happy for you, but your salary is out of control.  I understand you have a foundation where you give back to at risk youth.  That’s good.  I hope you put a HUGE chunk of that $96 million into your foundation. And I mean huge….

*Side note for Peyton – If you happen to read this and are in a good/giving mood, I’ve been really wanting to re-do a couple of rooms in my modest Mountain View home for years. The backyard also needs some work.  About $100K or so would be just fine.  (FYI, that’s only about two days of work for you.)  If that seems like too much, I’d also love a pair of Christian Louboutins.  Size 8.  I can be reached at

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